We are a video production studio. Our skills also include photography, graphic design and website development.


We create videos with а focus on storytelling, great editing and diversity of different shooting techniques. We use our imagination, experience and great visual effects, such as time-lapses, hyper-lapses, drone shots, a variety of dolly zoom effects and a lot more. We are responsible for the whole process, which consists of three separate stages:

  • Pre-Production - Defining the customer’s needs, planning, locations

  • Production - The actual video and audio recording on location

  • Post-Production - Editing of the video which includes color correction and grading, visual effects, music and sound effects

Travel Experience Videos

Nature and tourist attractions, places for rest and relaxation.

Place and Product Review Videos

Hotels, sport centers, bars & restaurants.

Extreme Activities Videos

Bungee jumping, water parks, high ropes courses in the woods.

Event Films

PR events, special occasions as birthdays, engagements or team-buildings.

Wedding Films

Wedding trailers, full length films.

Prom Films

Prom trailer, video from the whole event.

Social Media Videos

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram formats.

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Professional photos to save memories of your special moments with, a great way to showcase your hotel/restaurant or to present your business. We can take all of these photos and tailor them to the specifics of social media, for marketing materials, websites and the like. Our work also includes editing and color correction of the captured footage.

Place & Product Photography

Hotels, sport centers, bars & restaurants.

Event Photography

PR events, special occasions as birthdays, engagements or team-buildings.

360° Panoramic Photos for  Google Maps

360° Panoramic photos, panoramic drone photos, pano tours.

Social Media Photos

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram formats.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photosession, the whole wedding in photos.


Individual photosession, photos from the whole day.


With over five years of experience in graphic design and website building, our team can create a complete brand identity for you and your business. You can find out more about the services we offer here or you can contact us, so we can discuss your project in detail.


For a new business or your current rebranding.

Website Design

From scratch or redesign of your current website or landing page.

Business Cards

Variety of forms, papers and design crafted for your business.

Promotional Materials

Brochures, posters, restaurant menus, online banners and social visuals.


In this day and age online presence is among the key elements of any successful business. Social media is your connection with your audience and the perfect way to turn prospects into clients. Our team has specialized in creating online content and its efficient management. Today, maintaining social media channels requires good quality relevant content, interacting with the audience, using the latest trends and a strong focus on the history behind your brand.


We help brands engage and activate audiences through top influencers and micro-influencers. We areworking with bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. Using our experience, expertise and know-how, we create and execute the right influencer marketing strategies, which will make your brand story out there and noticed by your target audience.

We develop and manage your influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z: from tailor-made strategy to successful execution.
Using our unique expertise, we look at your brand DNA and connect you with the right influencers who match it. Then we amplify your brand story at scale by co-creating authentic content that gets people talking.

Influencer Marketing

With bloggers, vloggers and other influencers

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation and Strategies


Get in touch with us and tell us more about your project. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a clear concept and you’re unsure of how to realize your idea – this is a part of our job. Together we will find the perfect solution for your business!

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