About Shape Style Studio


We shoot videos and photos. We make short films, video presentations and many other types of visual content. We can help you with all sorts of design works, such as a new logo for your product or business cards for your company. We have several years of experience in website development, too.


Our small but passionate team started this studio with a single belief and that is the true and powerful emotion which we capture in our footage and are able to share with the world through our films. When looking to book a place or a service, everyone needs to experience them on their screens first before they can make a decision. We are making this possible through our visuals, filmed to attract and impress your potential clients.


We believe in the power of storytelling, of the emotions and uniqueness of every single person. That’s exactly why we create videos and photos that incorporate all of these elements. We believe that only when you truly love what you do, will people inevitably see your work for what it really is – passion, eagerness, ambition and perseverance.


It’s all for you. Because you know that emotions and storytelling are the key to your future online presence. And because you realize that video and all visual content is more engaging and drives new customers to your website and your doorstep.

You have a big hotel or a small guest house, a water park or a high ropes course in the woods, or maybe you are into extreme sports. You are a small company or a startup that needs a video presentation. Our services are exactly for you! Don’t see your business listed above? Don’t worry - our services are for everyone who has something they want to show to the world.

Want to know what we can do for you?

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